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The girl in pearls and hiking boots

"You people and your quaint little categories..." - Captain Jack Harkness

20 June 1985
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  • starchica8
This is the place where I air my ponderings and point to things that entertain me.

I'm a bouncy and enthusiastic slacker with a taste for the absurd and uncommon. I'm a shy extrovert and a gullible skeptic. I'm terribly blunt and harbor a great fear of offending people. I'm a realistic optimist or an optimistic realist, depending on your perspective. And lest you think I take myself too seriously, I'm also kind of a doofus.

I once represented my past as a roller coaster, and it was not an inaccurate depiction. I'm actively dealing with the repercussions of a poisonous family situation & body image issues, and I use this space to discuss that. Thoughts and support are always welcome.

I seem to have found or made a family with andres_s_p_b, tiger_spot, suzanne, and brooksmoses. (In no particular order.) They are good for me and I like to think I'm good for them. *bighugs*

If you would like to make my acquaintance, I'm probably open to it, particularly if we have mutual acquaintances. So come on over and say hi.